Company Overview

Tailor-Made RF-Technology

eubus develops and manufactures electronic equipment for big-name technology leaders.

Many years' experience in developing circuits and designing (multi-layer) layouts, extensive in-house production facilities and a tight network of experts combine to make us your reliable partner.

Committed to hand-made manufacturing

In light of the customer-specific requirements that are commonplace in mobile communications, all our products are lovingly hand-crafted by our experienced HF specialists. Our product range consists solely of field-tested configurations.

Attenuator- & Switch Matrix and it's Components

The eubus precision Attenuation Systems are designed specifically for simulating radio hops. Extremely complex handover simulations in the area of mobile radio communications can be handled without difficulty in the lab and in the field.

The Manual Coupling Unit connects up to 32 RF-inputs with up to 8 RF-outputs (with in-phase power dividers/combiners) and can combine attenuators and phase shifter. This makes handover simulation flexible and can simulate LTE MIMO functionality.

The Matrix Switch Unites are designed for many different test application in the Telecom field and in the Instrumentation & Measurement industry and can replace classical complex RF patch panels.