Company Overview

Haedspin is suppling a global testing and user experience monitoring platform for mobile applications.

Products and Services

HeadSpin Remote Testing™ gives you access to devices connected to mobile networks around the world right from your web browser. With no code change required, it seamlessly integrates into your existing workflow.

HeadSpin Performance Management™ gives you the tools to detect customer experience and application performance problems using our predictive analytics technology.

HeadSpin Continuous Monitoring™ alerts you immediately when any irregularity has been detected in the network. Instantly know when your endpoint is down, a transaction is broken or the performance is slow.

HeadSpin API™ helps you run frequent functional and performance tests to make sure your upcoming app version functions as expected in your key markets.

HeadSpin Service 360°™ is our premium service for companies who are interested in a completely hands off approach to their app testing, performance management and montoring.