Microtel is supplying high technology products and services for data capture, filtering and protocol conversion , to improve network visibility experience.

Microtel provides solutions for any type of telephone and network interface, feeding any monitoring device with only the relevant data required.


Microtel Innovation provides a wide range of Network Packet Brokers, TAPs, TDM SS7 to IP converters, Replicators and Groomers.
They are constantly innovating their products, from the TDM groomers to the modern Packet Brokers, up to the innovative Ethernizer - the special protocol converter that allows to monitor TDM links using IP probes.


                            Iris                         TDM to IP Converter       Aster XGB GTP Balancer  
                          Falco                                                                      Aster Packet Broker                              
                                                                                               High Desity Optical & Electrical TAPs