PRISMA Telecom Testing


PRISMA Telecom Testing is a leading provider of simulation solutions for 2G, 3G and 4G Mobile Networks.
Founded in 2014, PRISMA Telecom Testing is a subsidiary of PRISMA Engineering, drawing on nearly 30 years of PRISMA experience in the industry - with telecommunication expertise ranging from GSM/GPRS/EDGE, UMTS and WiMAX standards, to LTE/LTE-Advanced and more.

Testsolution for Telecommunication Manufacturers and Service Providers

During its long experience, PRISMA has learned that telecommunications Manufacturers and Service Providers generally have different testing approaches.

PRISMAS unique multi-terminal radio testing solution, based on a powerful SDR multi-standard platform, allows the generation of real applications' radio load from thousands of concurrent mobiles operating real voice and data sessions.

Emergency Network

In case of emergency with disruption of mobile services, EmergencyNET enables first responders to restore a cellular coverage in a very short time (few minutes), allowing to reach people in danger via standard phones or smartphones.
EmergencyNET constitutes a complete mobile network able to manage voice, SMSs and data connections even in case of standard networks breakdown. EmergencyNET can carry (in a backpack or with a trolley) a mobile network wherever necessary, lasting for about eight hours by means of just one battery pack.