Customized Solution in the telecommunication area

    from design to integration and maintenance one single point of contact

  • Sanjole - WaveJudge 5000

    Sanjole - WaveJudge 5000

    Sanjole’s newest over-air, wireless communications analyzer

    for better understanding the interaction between user equipment
    and base station

  • AUKUA MGA2510 - Automotive Ethernet

    AUKUA MGA2510 - Automotive Ethernet

    Support for Automotive Ethernet for 100 / 1000 Mbps 
    (IEEE 802.3bw / IEEE 802.3bp)

               > Traffic Generator
               > Inline Analyzer
               > Network Delay & Impairment Emulator

  • WaveJudge 5000 Used to Performance Test C-V2X

    WaveJudge 5000 Used to Performance Test C-V2X

    Sanjole’s WaveJudge 5000 Wireless Test Solution

    is helping pave the way for smarter and more automated cars in the near future.

  • WaveJudge 5G Wireless Testing

    WaveJudge 5G Wireless Testing

    The Sanjole WaveJudge 5G wireless test module give you visibility into the interaction between protocol and physical layers in wireless transmissions.

  • WaveBEE Touch from Nordsys

    WaveBEE Touch from Nordsys

    Mobiles Heavy Duty C2X diagnostic tool

    The waveBEE®touch mobile heavy duty tablet enables the operator to capture, log and analyse C2X communication on the fly in realtime directly on site.

FS trading & consulting is a company located in Vösendorf, nearly Vienna. The aim is to offer you a wide range of solutions in the area of telecommunications. The product range is constantly being expanded with interesting new partners and applications. Make yourself a picture about our solutions and visit the partner area on our homepage.

Additional to the distribution of our test solution we offer the corresponding services as well as training. The services and training are available either for the purchased solutions from us, or only the technology based training like LTE. We taking care our customers get all the support they need starting from design such complex test system to build up and maintain it. Our team like to be your single point of contact and help and support you for any question you have.

We help and support you for any question about testing in efficiency way. Be one step ahead of your competitors with our test solution getting high quality results in a full automatic way.

We would be grateful if you give us your trust and are available for your inquiries any time.


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