Zum wiederholten Male ist die NORDSYS GmbH vom Stifterverband der Deutschen Wissenschaft e.V. mit dem Gütesiegel "Innovativ durch Forschung" ausgezeichnet worden. Wie schon in den Jahren zuvor beteiligte sich die NORDSYS an Forschungsprojekten mit europaweiter Relevanz und vereint auch weiterhin wissenschaftliche Forschung, Produktgeschäft und Entwicklungskompetenz unter einem Dach.

Aukua Systems 3-in-1 Automotive Ethernet testing solution delivers three powerful tools in one platform!

    Network Impairment Emulation: see how delay, impairments and bandwidth affect automotive systems, applications and security
    Inline Packet Capture and Protocol Analyzer: capture packets, monitor traffic in real-time, and troubleshoot hard to find problems
    Traffic Generator: verify system integrity, throughput performance and measure system latency
Aukua is working to help Automotive semiconductor companies, Tier 1 suppliers and OEM Manufacturers leverage Automotive Ethernet so they can rapidly innovate with confidence and deliver new in-vehicle services and infortainment features, while improving safety with new advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

Aukua's new Latency Monitoring Analyzer directly but passively measures latency experienced by live application traffic.

The Latency Monitoring Analyzer measures one-way latency directly on each and every network application packet of interest with 1.0ns precision. The system operates out-of-band, without requiring artificial or foreign traffic, allowing you to stay compliant with government regulations or business operation requirements. Click here to read about an example use-case of the Aukua Latency Monitoring Analyzer.

Aukua's MGA2510 is the first and only traffic generator to support Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) or IEEE 802.3az operation!

It is now possible to validate EEE operations, characterize latency and throughput performance and inject impairments for negative and functional testing all directly over a EEE enabled link.

This new feature is supported for 1000BASE-T, 2.5GBASE-T, 5GBASE-T and 10GBASE-T. 

Sanjole’s WaveJudge 5G wireless test module includes test capabilities that support the most recent 5G NR standards, and they will be exhibiting it at MWC 2018 in Barcelona.

As the industry prepares to implement 5G wireless, variations in 5G technology are surfacing faster than standards can be evaluated and ratified. 5G NR vendors are competing in the race to establish early adoption and achieve first-to-market milestones.

Sanjole’s WaveJudge 5000 Wireless Test Solution is helping pave the way for smarter and more automated cars in the near future.

The WaveJudge 5000 was used to test Cellular V2X (C-V2X) in a C-V2X commercial solution – supporting the latest C-V2X Direct Communications standard based on 3GPP Release 14. This marks an major milestone for the future of C-V2X testing, an important technology enabler for enhanced road safety and future autonomous cars. It is also establishing the foundation for 5G V2X that will bring even more advanced capabilities.

Cellular V2X leverages existing LTE networks for V2X network communications, offering additional applications and services when optimized for C-V2X.

FSTC expands it's portfolio by Prisma's EmergencyNET.

EmergencyNET constitutes a complete mobile network able to manage voice, SMSs and data connections even in case of standard networks breakdown.
Using EmergencyNET, the rescuers can communicate with any mobile device by establishing voice calls and by sending and receiving SMSs.

The temporary emergency network can act as a Voice Responder which can intercept any call from any victim, giving help and providing more info on emergency management such as “send an SMS with your name, current location, number of people involved to 133, will call-you back to manage your rescue”.

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At the 2015 Car2Car Forum in Mainz Niels Peter Skov Andersen, General Manager of the Car2Car Communication Consortium, announced that the Consortium members have agreed to delay the deployment of ITS-G5 communication in Europe to 2019.

Qosmotec showed a method for validating the channel models that are applied in QPER for signal propagation by comparison with measurements on the road. 

It had something of a premiere: For the first time Qosmotec officially showcased its test bench setup for Car-to-X communication testing.

At the 8th Car2Car Forum at Stadthalle Braunschweig FSTC together with Qosmotec had built up a 5-port QPER system with two IEEE 802.11p capable radio modules.
The demonstration attracted many of the 250 congress participants, who appreciated to see a complete example for a hardware-in-the-loop test benches on our booth.

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Qosmotec has invented the Network in a Box – a combination of a freely configurable mobile network and a handover emulator for Virtual Network Enablers and Operators.

These Virtual Network Enabler and Operators need to verify their services in various networks. It gets really tedious, when the tests have to involve international roaming from one country to another.

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