Sanjole’s WaveJudge 5000 Wireless Test Solution is helping pave the way for smarter and more automated cars in the near future.

The WaveJudge 5000 was used to test Cellular V2X (C-V2X) in a C-V2X commercial solution – supporting the latest C-V2X Direct Communications standard based on 3GPP Release 14. This marks an major milestone for the future of C-V2X testing, an important technology enabler for enhanced road safety and future autonomous cars. It is also establishing the foundation for 5G V2X that will bring even more advanced capabilities.

Cellular V2X leverages existing LTE networks for V2X network communications, offering additional applications and services when optimized for C-V2X.

The PDA-602A Powered Device Analyzer is a single-box comprehensive solution for testing IEEE 802.3at PoE Powered Devices (PD’s).  It offers one-button, fully automated test sequences and limit checking for critical Powered Device PoE characteristics. 

License options include 802.3at Type-2 PD testing, automated conformance test and load monitoring, and 802.3at LLDP Protocol Emulation & Testing.

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FSTC expands it's portfolio by Prisma's EmergencyNET.

EmergencyNET constitutes a complete mobile network able to manage voice, SMSs and data connections even in case of standard networks breakdown.
Using EmergencyNET, the rescuers can communicate with any mobile device by establishing voice calls and by sending and receiving SMSs.

The temporary emergency network can act as a Voice Responder which can intercept any call from any victim, giving help and providing more info on emergency management such as “send an SMS with your name, current location, number of people involved to 133, will call-you back to manage your rescue”.

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At the 2015 Car2Car Forum in Mainz Niels Peter Skov Andersen, General Manager of the Car2Car Communication Consortium, announced that the Consortium members have agreed to delay the deployment of ITS-G5 communication in Europe to 2019.

Qosmotec showed a method for validating the channel models that are applied in QPER for signal propagation by comparison with measurements on the road. 

It had something of a premiere: For the first time Qosmotec officially showcased its test bench setup for Car-to-X communication testing.

At the 8th Car2Car Forum at Stadthalle Braunschweig FSTC together with Qosmotec had built up a 5-port QPER system with two IEEE 802.11p capable radio modules.
The demonstration attracted many of the 250 congress participants, who appreciated to see a complete example for a hardware-in-the-loop test benches on our booth.

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Telecom Italia’s initiative is in line with its strong commitment to follow the MEF activities and processes to innovate CE 2.0 services and make them Dynamic, Agile and Orchestrated, as the MEF NaaS paradigm envisions. Telecom Italia is jointly innovating with Veryx, a leader in CE 2.0 testing.

Sanjole enjoyed an overwhelming response to the new WaveJudge 5000 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Visitors were wowed by Sanjole’s live demo.

Sanjole’s WaveJudge, the first over-air monitor solution to give you real-time visibility into the interaction between protocol and physical layers in wireless transmissions, has gone modular and is now more scalable, customizable, and cost-effective than ever.

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All-in-One - LTE test solution for development, verification and conformance testing of LTE mobile equipment.

The G9200 RCA is able to perform analysis of LTE mobile devices at all layers from the physical to the application layer, and is suitable for development, conformance, pre-conformance, and production test applications. It ships pre-loaded with ready-to-run automatic tests that test conformance according to 3GPP 36-521, 36-521-3, 36-523 standards.

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The PVA-3000 PhyView Analyzer is designed to bridge the wide coverage gap between comprehensive Ethernet twisted pair PHY compliance testing and simple packet verification testing.

The PVA-3000 introduces an innovative multi-port capability dedicated to 10/100/1000BaseT physical layer characterization under controlled impairments including line loss, ingress noise, jittered or offset timing, and even Power-over-Ethernet. The PVA-3000 tests Ethernet switches and routers, discrete LAN interfaces, link transmission components, and network service integrity at any 10/100/1000Base-T interface.


  • 10/100/1000 Physical Layer Testing Simplified
    • Just Plug…..Run…..Evaluate
  • No Scopes, Fixtures, Probes, Generators, Test Modes, or Cable Spools!
    • Test Any LAN Interface, Anywhere
  • Faster and More Informative Alternative to Packet Testing
    • Answer What’s Wrong, How Wrong, and Where?
  • Fully Automated Multi-Port PHY Qualification
    • Transmitter Performance Qualification
    • Receiver Performance Qualification
  • Supports the PHY Performance Test Suite for LAN PHY Analysis
    • Fully Automated 10/100/1000Base-T Interface Analysis
    • Fully Automated PSE DC Unbalance Analysis
  • Innovative New Measurements on 10/100/1000 Transmitted Signals
  • Accelerated Receiver Testing wieth Versatile Impairments
  • Externally Accessible Impairments – Combine with Packet Analyzers
  • Sifos PSA-3000 and PSA-1200 Chassis Compatible
  • Compact, Portable 2-Port PVA-3002 – Same Testing Features


  • Transmission Parameters
    • Wideband Signal Power
    • Signal-to-Noise Ratio (Residual Distortion)
    • Power Spectral Distortion
    • Pair Timing Skew
  • Port Parameters
    • Wideband Return Loss
    • Wideband Crosstalk
  • Receiver Measurements
    • Link Stability
    • MAC Frame Count / Packet Flow
  • Receiver Impairments
    • Worst Case 802.3 Line Insertion Loss
    • Programmable Ingress Noise
    • Programmable Frequency Offset
    • Programmable Transmit Jitter
    • Line Mismatch
  • Link Information
    • Auto-Negotiation Advertisement


Get productive quickly with the PhyView Analyzer using PVA Interactive software (for Microsoft Windows). Configure test ports, configure impairments, control link-up conditions, and assess link stability with simple menu selections. Meters such as Rx Power, SNR, Power Spectral Distortion, Wideband Return Loss, and Wideband Crosstalk are readily configured to produce single or multi-pair information in a single mouse click. Full access to the PhyView Performance Test Suite with one-button test sequencing is supported under the automated test menu. MAC packet definition and transmission as well as packet counting are supported along with fully automated, one-button test port calibration sequences.


Every feature of each PVA-3000 test port is directly accessible and programmable using the Tcl/Tk-based PowerShell PSA interactive scripting environment. Issue interactive commands and queries, sequence tests and calibrations, or generate custom test programs using high level API commands and utilities built into this productive script development environment.


The PhyView Analyzer is provided with an flexible and fully automated test application for evaluating 1 to 6 10/100/1000Base-T ports at a time with a test throughput of as little as 75 seconds per port tested! Accessible from PowerShell PSA, the pva_veriphy program offers effortless defect coverage of transmitters and receivers and is readily sequenced to test groups of 4 or 6 ports per test cycle.

Each port tested is evaluated for:


    • 10Base-T Link Stability with 802.3 Worst Case Insertion Los
    • 100Base-Tx Link Stability with 802.3 Worst Case Insertion Loss
    • 1000Base-T Link Stability with 802.3 Worst Case Insertion Loss
    • 100Base-Tx Tx Pair SNR
    • 1000Base-T Single Pair SNR
    • Link Stablity Summary: GOOD | MARGINAL | FAIL

    • 100Base-Tx Tx Pair Vpk-pk
    • 1000Base-T Single-Pair Vpk-pk
    • 100Base-Tx Single-Pair 50KHz & 62MHz Power Spectral Distortion
    • 1000Base-T Single-Pair 50KHz & 62MHz Power Spectral Distortion
    • 1000Base-T Single-Pair Wideband Return Loss
    • Transmit Performance Summary: GOOD | MARGINAL | FAIL

    • Maximum Rate Link Stability with 802.3 Worst Case Insertion Loss, Alien Crosstalk, and Jitter
    • Receiver Performance Summary: GOOD | MARGINAL | FAIL

The pva_veriphy test provides user controls for link rates tested, link failure action, reporting modes, and summary categorization criteria for each test.